„For in everything that we do the body is useful; and in all uses of the body it is of great importance to be in as high a state of physical fitness as possible“
- Socrates -

About me

About me

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Hello and welcome to my website.

It’s a general consensus that being sick once a year is considered to be normal. That’s what I and all my loved ones thought as well. Eating multiple times per day was a given. Doing sport and working out almost every day was a must. But even so, something felt off. The older I got, the more health related problems started appearing. It began with stomach issues. I started having nausea after eating. My energy levels were down all the time. I felt like an emotionless zombie walking through life. The doctors recommended me doing a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy. As expected, they found nothing besides a little inflammation. Then they gave me some medicine and told me all will soon be well. The more time passed, the more I felt “off”, staying home sick became a monthly routine. I had four gastroscopies and colonoscopies by the time I was 18.
“Is this really happening? This just can’t be!”, I said to myself. At one point I just couldn’t take it anymore, doctors saying the same thing over and over again, I reached my boiling point and took the matters into my own hands. I bought books, invested countless hours on the internet, started reading studies after studies and almost all recommended a one simple diet: a whole plant based food diet, getting rid of all animal products. Back then, little was known about a whole plant based diet, but I gave it a try nonetheless, I mean, what do I have to lose right? I’m sick of being sick. I eliminated all animal products, processed foods and refined sugars from my diet. All I drank was water, coconut water or an unsweetened tea. I know it’s hard to believe, but I felt so much better after just the first day of drastically changing my diet. Literally all my health related problems gradually went away, I feel amazing!
Take a look at my free to use E-Book if you are interested in leading a similar lifestyle, or just want to improve your general health.

Wish you a healthy day,

Luca FitHealth.


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I have accumulated all my knowledge from all the struggles and successes I had in these long 8 years into my over 90 pages long e-book, to show you how you can reach total health and an aesthetic physique too.

For 3.99$ you can get every section on it‘s own, or you can get the whole package for just 6.99$. Payment is currently only available through Pay Pal (click the symbol for direct link). Should you order a single section, dont forget to mention which one (mealplan, workoutplan or health guide). Once I received the money, I will e-mail you a PDF within 24 hours.

Enjoy the preview.

Sincerly, Luca Fithealth.



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